Game / Metaverse

🌴We are currently busy working on the gaming section of our website, which will be an Island Metaverse, where you can buy property on Income Island and mine for tokens. The first 500 plots are open for presale at 1BNB. This price will be considerably more the closer the game comes to launching. If you’re interested in a plot, please visit telegram (group and speak to an admin

Pre sale plot contract:


Game progress meeting 23/09/21

Concept Artwork Phase 1

Here would be what will be delivered in Phase I

Phase -1

1. Design of Pages

2. The game will start with the purchase of a plot on land within our metaverse and their purchases land must be displayed in the game on the main dashboard (with prices and plot sizes)

— yes, each tile(block) would be same size. Plot will be min number of blocks, say 10. Map will have a maximum number of blocks and plots.

3.  The player should register with their email address and create a username and password to be used in the game, they should also be able to set up 2 factor authentication

4.  On login, players will be presented with the option to connect their BSc wallet to the game server. If they don’t have a plot, entry is $2 which goes straight to the liquidity pool

5. Players must be able to move around the metaverse

6.  Plot owners start with a small pick axe and can upgrade their tools at the metaverse

Only Pick Axe in Phase I – Upgrades in Phase II

7. Players can sell their plot to other players.

8. The game central point must be a trade station where all the mined tokens can be swapped (other places will be added during phase 2)

Only Sell can be done in Phase I. Renting not included