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Metaverse Phase 1.5

Our new map will be released by the end of January and will be a fully photo realistic metaverse with show homes for you to peruse. After that, the sold properties will be laid and owners will be given the keys to their new 3D explorable NFT’s!
The value of the property will always go up, the more you mine. The value will never go down and the property can be put on sale in the trade centre. As you mine, you will get daily rewards in BNB (similar to mining on a graphics card) you will be able to upgrade tools to mine faster. You may even excavate other prizes dotted around properties on the island, if they’re under your building.

Island Roadmap

August December 2021
August – December 2021
✅ Release new contract that delivers 5% BNB reflections
✅ Fair launch
✅ Airdrops
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Preliminary audit on contract release
✅ Launch marketing campaigns on social media
✅ Launch marketing campaigns on Poo Ads
✅ Get listed on Coinhunt
✅ Get listed on Coinsniper
✅ Get listed on Coinscope
✅ Get listed on Ruggfreecoin
✅ Get listed on Gemfinder
✅ Get listed on
✅ Get listed on coingecko
✅ Get listed on coinmarketcap
> £5,000,000 Market Cap
✅ 5,000 Telegram members
> Upload logo to Trust Wallet
✅ Video preview of the Income Island game
✅ Release phase 1 of our Metaverse (Usable demo)
✅ 1,000 holders
January June 2022
January – June 2022
> Metaverse Phase 1.5 Photo realistic island and properties upgrade
> Mining game phase 2, where early adopters can mine themselves or rent out their plots to other players 
> Certik Audit
✅ 10,000 Telegram members
> £10,000,000 Market Cap
> Income Island merchandise
> Start work on our own Income Island Wallet
> Marketing push with top influencers and video advertising
> 10,000 holders
July December 2022
July – December 2022
> Develop mini games within Income Island where players can win extra tokens
> Develop social aspects of Income Island where players can socialise with one another in virtual towns and cities
> Advertising and partnership push
> More TBA
> £500M Marketcap

Join us in our Metaverse

Income Island token is the main currency for the Income Island metaverse.
The token itself gives you 5% BNB reflections and further money can be made by becoming a landlord inside the metaverse. Each property owned can be mined on for daily passive income.

…and now for the weather:

Meet The Team of Income Island LLC

Our Island team are fully doxxed and have undergone KYC from for your peace of mind and are here to help you enjoy your stay on Income Island. if you need any help, they are always happy to assist you on our various social media platforms. 

If you are speaking to an admin that is not listed here or in our official Telegram group @incomeisland then you are most likely speaking to a scammer. Please be careful.


Lee Greenfield


Joseph O’leary


Stef But

Finance & Social Media

T.J. Chess

Design & Marketing