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Metaverse DEMO available now in the Microsoft store

You can also download directly for MAC or PC

Welcome to Income Island, an evolving hyper-realistic Metaverse that is currently in demo stage. As we continue to develop and refine the Metaverse, we are excited to introduce a wide range of new features and experiences to make your virtual adventure truly exceptional.

In development are music integration, allowing live concerts and music festivals to be enjoyed in the Metaverse, and interoperable avatars, enabling seamless travel between various metaverses for endless exploration. We are also working on integrated voice and text chat for smooth social interaction, and live streaming for immersive concert experiences.

Real-world brand collaborations and sponsored events are on the horizon, adding a touch of reality and excitement to your digital journey. Furthermore, you can look forward to interactive theater experiences, virtual conferences, and trade shows, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we develop mini-games within Income Island, where players can win extra tokens and earn rewards. Our commitment to advertising and partnership push ensures that the Metaverse continues to thrive and provide cutting-edge experiences.

As we pave the way for a thriving digital community, we invite you to be part of the exciting revolution that is Income Island. Embrace the future of digital ownership, social interaction, and entertainment as we redefine what it means to explore and interact in a virtual world. Your adventure awaits!

Metaverse Demo

The Income Island Metaverse Demo is so early in the Microsoft Store, you can find it by simply searching for 'Metaverse'! We pride ourselves on our hyper realistic graphics and ongoing upgrades...

Virtual Real Estate

Our platform offers a unique opportunity to own virtual properties that increase in value every time another property is purchased. This means that as our user base grows and more people join...

Buying Land

Investing in virtual real estate is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to explore new opportunities in the digital world. Income Island offers a unique and exciting opportunity...

Building on Income Island

Income Island is a metaverse that offers limitless opportunities for companies and individuals to build and create their own virtual assets, communities, and experiences. As a platform built ...

Buy 3D explorable hyper realistic VRE

Our virtual real estate (VRE) is a unique opportunity to own virtual properties that increase in value every time another property is purchased. However, it’s important to note that many of the features and upgrades are still in development. Currently, we offer a range of properties including apartments, houses, mansions, ranches, and palaces, all of which can be explored inside the Metaverse, our virtual world that is constantly evolving and expanding.

Investing in VRE is a great way to participate in the growing trend of virtual worlds and digital ownership. Our platform offers staking and price increases for land properties, with 5% APR. It’s important to note that pods are not included in this option. As we continue to roll out upgrades and new features inside the Metaverse, you’ll be able to decorate and customize your virtual property to your heart’s content.

To secure your stakeable 3D explorable property

Where virtual dreams become real estate virtual reality

Island Roadmap

September 2021
Income Island Begins
Phase 1
  • Release token that delivers 2% BNB reflections
  • Fair launch
  • Airdrops and liquidity locked
  • Set up partnerships with innovative web3 projects to mutually advance the metaverse (ongoing)
  • Set up as a registered limited company (LLC)
  • KYC members of staff
Moving Forward
Setting Standards
Phase 2
  • Release hyper realistic updateable Metaverse Demo in microsoft store
  • Ability to buy virtual real estate from our website and stake for 5% APR
  • Set up NFT collections that allow buyers the chance to mint rare NFT's to give lifetime Metaverse rewards and perks (see whitepaper)
  • Ability for businesses and entrepenuers to buy land and build within the metaverse
  • Start work on the underwater city and road system below income Island “Belosea city “
  • Set up a social token called 'Aloha' where NFT owners and users that promote us on social media are rewarded in tokens (see whitepaper)
Consistent Upgrading
Redefining Expectations
Phase 3
  • Launch a Multi chain coin that will be available on BNB, ETH, ARB and POLY 
  • Develop mini games within income island where players can win extra tokens
  • Advertising and partnership push
  • Develop the Income blockchain network
  • Release Metaverse Alpha on multiple platforms including streaming for all devices

Meet The Team of Income Island LLC

Our Island team are fully doxxed and have undergone KYC from for your peace of mind and are here to help you enjoy your stay on Income Island. if you need any help, they are always happy to assist you on our various social media platforms.

If you are speaking to an admin that is not listed here or in our official Telegram group @incomeisland then you are most likely speaking to a scammer. Please be careful.

Income Island LLC was formed in Delaware on November 29th 2021 and our filing number is 6426637 CLICK HERE

Lee Greenfield

Founder and CEO

Joseph O’leary

Director of Marketing


Multi chain coin presale

Multi chain coin presale