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🌴 What is it?

Income Island Token is a one of a kind concept, developed to make you generous stable profits on a daily basis. Our integrated gaming system uses blockchain technology which will allow you to earn a passive income whilst having fun at the same time. In addition, you can own your own mining plots to generate income, rent out your plot(s) to other players, and earn NFT’s offering extra Island tokens every time someone sells, meaning you earn an income while you sleep. As Warren Buffet famously said “If you don’t find a way to earn money while you sleep, you will work until you die!

Through the ongoing development, we will strive to make sure that Income Island is a safe and friendly environment to earn a passive income. Income Token is not just all about the great rewards, it also has a great, doxxed and highly dedicated team that is supported by a steadfast and strong community.

🌴 About

The fundamentals for Income Island were created through our global team and consists of both volunteers and working professionals from all over the world with skillsets ranging from web development, marketing, dapp creation, and many other entrepreneurs willing to deliver a stellar financial product to our community. Income Island Token is a revolutionary coin, created to be a safe place in the blockchain market for high volume trade investors. As a future currency, Income Island Token stands for honesty, transparency, and profit for our community.

🌴 Mission

We strive to produce something different than any of the other projects frequently launched. Our mission is to show investors that the cryptomarket can be safe, and profitable, for everyone. Whether you’re a crypto veteran, or a beginner just starting out on your crypto journey, we stand for everyone and reward all investors for their trust in us.
Currently, Income Island are working on our first game which will be a virtual metaverse where you can mine for more crypto using your own plots of land, socialise with others, and play mini adventures within Income Island. This is an ambitious venture and the game will be released in stages and will be consistently developed to the best of our ability. We have a strong and talented team of coders and artists that will bring our diamond handed hodlers not only great profits but also a proud feeling to be a part of the Income Island family.

🌴 Why us?

This is a great question and the answer is simple. Our token will offer BNB reflections, advanced tokenomics, gaming whilst earning real money, and a great community of like minded investors.
The start of our mission was not an easy one and our team have tested, and sometimes failed, at concepts and ideas to wind up where we are now. These attempts may have knocked us down, but we always stood back up and dusted ourselves off to came back stronger. We have found improved solutions and have learned from past mistakes. But through it all, we have always been thankful for the patience and devotion of our amazing community. From the very beginning we stepped into this market with clear targets, a strong will to accomplish the unthinkable, and develop a product that will revolutionize the crypto market. 

Income Island Token has a transparent  and dedicated team that strive to provide investors numerous avenues of passive income then any other coin on the market today. We have no qualms about speaking freely and acknowledging that this road will have ups and downs but we will succeed and persevere in our mission. Through the entire development process, we will improve, upgrade, and stand steadfast for this token. For that is who we are , we stand with our community to make a better future for everyone.

🌴 Distribution


1 Trillion Tokens

FEES 14%

4% buyback
4% lp
1% reflection
5% marketing wallet
Token Reflection to holders

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x8444932f5bcba0a04c29743ddea2a3832cbe6d71

🌴 Overview

Income Island will be a great experience to any user of the Block chain.

Income Island is a constantly evolving, long term project, with clear targets that will yield generous profits for our investors. Our game is currently in development and will continue to grow and expand as the project clears objectives on the road map. As we continue to grow, development to the game will be ongoing while patches, and improvements, will be released in a timely manner. Please join our Telegram group at  https://t.me/incomeisland to look out for launch announcements. Thank you for believing in our project and welcome to Income Island!!